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Welcome to the Sunnydown Garage where all the buses live.

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about the Sunnydown Garage
The Sunnydown Garage
The Sunnydown garage is always very busy. The bus washer keeps all the buses nice and clean while the workshop makes sure the buses stay fit and well. Click on an area in the garage or one of the links at the side of the page to find out more.
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Read about Geoff's trip to the bus washer
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These are the buses you will currently find living in the Sunnydown Garage. 

This is Dennis.
Dennis is always very busy and has made lots of friends.

Read stories about Dennis.

This is Grumpy Geoff.
Geoff is always in a bad mood and very dirty.
Read stories about Geoff. 

This is the Old Timer.
He was rusting away at the back of the Sunnydown Garage until rescued by his friend Dennis.
Read about the Old Timer.

This is Speedy Sally.
She is always rushing around everywhere.
Read all about Sally. 

This is Flexible Sam.
He is very long and bends in the middle.
Read all about Sam. 

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