A drawing of Sam
A picture example of a real Sam

This is Flexible Sam.

This is a picture of a real Sam. 

Sam is almost twice as long as an ordinary bus which means that his body has to bend in the middle to help him to go around corners and he is called a flexible or 'bendy' bus. Because he is very long Sam's passengers can sit down without having to climb stairs and this makes him very popular with older passengers and those with young children or babies. You will often find buses like Sam operating in large towns or cities.

Some of Sam's characteristics.

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  • Showing how flexible he can be to get around corners.
  • Resting after a hard days work.
  • Saying "I don't want to" or "that's not fair". 

Doesn't like.

  • Working on his day off.
  • Going to new places because he thinks he will get lost.
  • Getting stuck on bridges.