This is a drawing of Geoff
A picture example of a real Geoff

This is Grumpy Geoff.

A picture of a real Geoff.

Geoff has been at the Sunnydown Garage for longer than almost any of the other buses except, perhaps, for the Old Timer. Geoff is quite old and because of this he feels he shouldn't have to work as hard as the other buses. He also feels the cold and loves to rest underneath the large heaters set in the roof of the garage. He doesn't see the point of having a wash - as he often points out "you only get dirty again!" Passengers think he is very grumpy, especially in the morning when his cold engine blows black smoke everywhere.

Some of Geoff's characteristics. 


  • Being warm and cosy.
  • Being grumpy.
  • Telling stories.
  • Blowing black smoke over the other buses.

Doesn't like.

  • Working.
  • Getting up in the morning.
  • Having a wash.
  • Cows.

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