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If your not a grown-up, this page is going to be really boring and you might want to go back to the bus station
It is probably really boring for grown-ups as well but they ought to read it as they are responsible for keeping you safe.

Information about the stories.

The adventures of 'The Buses of Sunnydown Garage' are fully illustrated stories and related activities suitable for children under the age of 8. They can be read on-line, printed out or they are available as apps for  Android devices. Android is a trademark of Google Inc.

Each story supports a range of educational themes, such as friendship, bullying or teamwork, which are reinforced by interactive questions throughout the story. Activities based on the stories for children to do are also included - and the apps usually include a 'story writer', allowing children to write their own story using some of the pictures and save it to the device for later use. 

New 'The Buses of Sunnydown Garage' stories continue to be developed: in the meantime please enjoy the stories currently available within the bus station.

Further information about the stories.  

Personal information - information about users of this web site or where they live 

As this is site aimed primarily at younger visitors, we take their safety whilst using the internet very seriously. We gather anonymous information so that we can track the number of new and repeat visitors to our site, how long they spend on our site and which pages they visit. We do this so we can make sure our site is as good as it can be for our visitors.

We will never request any personal information from our visitors UNLESS they choose to contact us using our 'Contact Us' form. Please remember, unless we are responding directly to something that has been submitted to us, we will never contact our visitors or ask any other third party to contact them. 

External links - links that take you to the web pages of other sites

We take great care to ensure any external links we place on this web site are suitable for younger visitors. However we are not responsible for external sites and cannot guarantee they will continue to remain suitable. Parents/guardians should exercise caution before permitting younger children to follow these links unsupervised. If, during the use of this site, an external link if found which you feel is not suitable, please let us know using our 'contact us' form.

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We have no control over any links or information which might be found on social media web sites regarding this site. In particular, social media sites make great use of  shortened links (e.g.  and great care should be taken when using such links.

Remember to always supervise younger children when they are using the internet even if the site they are using is considered 'safe' and always be aware of what children in your care are doing whilst on the computer.  

Who are we?  

Ray Arber writes and illustrates the stories and maintains this web site. He can be contacted as follows:

The Buses of Sunnydown Garage
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Telephone: +44 (0)7985 195673