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The Workshop - Insides

1. Design 2. Frame 3. Power 4. Insides 5. Skin 6. Safety


Buses and coaches need lots of pipes and cables to carry electricity, air and fuel around the body to where it is needed. These pipes and cables are all safely hidden away.

Pipes and cables beneath your skin
Hidden pipes
There are lots of different things hidden underneath your skin.
Lungs for breathing air You breathe in to fill your lungs with fresh air which is quickly mixed with your blood and taken to all parts of your body where it is needed.
Arteries and veins Blood carrying fresh air passes through pipes called arteries. You get fresh air when you breathe in.
Blood carrying stale air passes through pipes called veins. You get rid of stale air when you breathe out.
Your heart pumps your blood Your heart pumps blood around your body all day and night. It can pump very fast when you are rushing around