Welcome to the Sunnydown Garage where all the buses live.

Click on a picture to visit their page where you can find out more about them. Why not let us know which one is your favourite? 

Meet Dennis. He has tried to make friends with all the buses in the Sunnydown Garage and he has had lots of exciting adventures. 
Grumpy Geoff has been at the Sunnydown Garage for longer than almost any other bus, and the thing he dislikes most is having to have a wash! 
This is Sam, the flexible bus. He is so long, he has to bend in the middle to go around corners and he doesn't like to work if he can help it. 
The Old Timer is very old and lives in a museum, but he visits the Sunnydown Garage often to share his adventures when he was a brand new bus.  
Meet Speedy Sally. She likes to be on time and rushes around everywhere as fast as she can. 

This is Sarah. She is always very busy travelling between Sunnydown and the Big City where she makes friends with lots of city buses. She also loves to go on trips and excursions whenever she can. 

Look out for new characters arriving at the Sunnydown garage soon. 

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