Dennis goes swimming.

Do you believe a bus can swim?

Dennis is desperate to make friends with Grumpy Geoff.  When Geoff tells a tale about the day he went swimming, Dennis is determined to show Geoff that he can swim as well so that they can be friends.

Things do not go as Dennis plans and it appears Geoff may not have been telling the whole truth!

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 The comic includes pictures to use to create your own story as well as additional information for parents, carers or teachers about using the story to discuss the issues raised.

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App features 

  • Dance along to the 'Sunnydown March' theme tune.
  • Use the 'text-to-speech' facility on your device to have the story read aloud to you by tapping the main picture on each page.
  • Answer questions about issues raised throughout the story.
  • Dot-to-dot - 3 pictures to complete by joining the numbered dots in the correct order.
  • 'Story quiz' - can you answer 5 questions about the story?
  • 'Story writer' - write your own mini story about Dennis using 5 of our pictures. Your story is saved to the phone and you can switch between our story and yours by tapping the 'Use my story' button.
  • Educational theme - making new friends.

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