Cow trouble

Grumpy Geoff does not like to have a wash and he is very proud to be dirty.

All the other buses think he is a bit smelly and keep as far away from him as they can. 

However in Cow Trouble Geoff has a really bad day.

He is made to wash in the morning and then, to make it worse, he has to have a second wash in the afternoon!

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The comic includes pictures to use to create your own story as well as additional information for parents, carers or teachers about using the story to discuss the issues raised.

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App features

  • Dance along to the 'Sunnydown March' theme tune.
  • Use the 'text-to-speech' facility on your device to have the story read aloud to you by tapping the main picture on each page.
  • Answer questions about issues raised throughout the story.
  • A-maze-ing - can you help Geoff find the correct route through the maze to safely reach the garage without bumping the cows or leaving the road? 
  • 'Story quiz' - can you answer 5 questions about the story?
  • 'Story writer' - write your own mini story about Geoff using 5 of our pictures. Your story is saved to the phone and you can switch between our story and yours by tapping the 'Use my story' button.
  • Educational theme - being clean.

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